Post Secondary Application Instructions

 Before proceeding with the Post-secondary application, you must: Read and understand the Post Secondary Handbook.

Once you have completed the above, you may wish to print out the Post-secondary Handbook and complete the forms at the end and deliver them to the Gitwangak Education Society by mail or fax

To be considered for post secondary funding you must have the following document to the Post Secondary Coordinator before May 30th of every year:

  1. Print out and complete application by downloading PS_Handbook.pdf
  2. Your letter of intent
  3. Registration and/or acceptance letter to your selected post secondary institution
  4. Most current transcripts of the last school you attended

Post Secondary

The Gitwangak Education Society sponsors Registered Gitwangak Band Members to further their post-secondary education. Over 20 years, the GES has sponsored over 600 students. To be eligible for Post-Secondary Sponsorship you must:

 – Be a registered Gitwangak Band Member
 – Posses any pre-requisites for your desired course/program
 – Complete & submit the GES PSSR Application by May 30th of every year.