Adult Basic Education

Gitwangak’s Adult Education program has assisted many community members earn their Adult Dogwood Certificates and has provided tutoring for high school students. This program offers one-on-one teaching, in a relaxed environment. The facilities consist of a large classroom, small study area, and a computer lab. To see ABE Staff Infomation click here.

ABE Facts – Information collected from

  • ABE courses lead to a high school diploma or “Dogwood Certificate.”
  • Courses can be taken through local high schools or through public post-secondary institutions.
  • Tuition is free
  • Funding for books and other costs may be provided to eligible students through theABE Student Assistance Program (ABESAP).
  • Income assistance clients may still be eligible for assistance while enrolled in the ABE program

For more information, visit the Adult Basic Education in British Columbia’s Public Post-Secondary Institutions: An Articulation Handbook

Post Sec Support

The Gitwangak Education Society sponsors Registered Gitwangak Band Members to further their post-secondary education. Over 20 years, the GES has sponsored over 600 students. To be eligible for Post-Secondary Sponsorship you must:

 – Be a registered Gitwangak Band Member
 – Posses any pre-requisites for your desired course/program
 – Complete & submit the GES PSSR Application by May 30th of every year.
See “Post Sec Support” on the Homepage